Monday, September 20, 2010

And now it's time for DAILY NEWS

Don't worry everyone the recession ended over a year ago, no really I promise. Mean while back in the real world commercial real estate is taking a dive and some 6 million workers are still on unemployment

North Korea naming new leader lets keep our fingers crossed that his kid is slightly less loony

Global Tax anyone

Just to be 100% sure we head into high inflation the reserve is thinking about having a few trillion more dollars printed

The UK wants all pay checks to go directly to the government first so they can insure they get their share then they will send what is left to the employees

Plot to plant bomb near Wrigley Field

Russia plans to sell missiles to Syria

And to top it all off its not even safe to sit in hammocks anymore

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kabar Camp Knife

The Kabar Camp Knife

If you know anything about knives you know about Kabar which became a companion of our soldiers in WW2 and continues to serve our troops to this day. Kabars have a well deserved reputation for being tough and functional at a very reasonable price. Today we take a look at there Camp Knife.

At close to 13" long with a large heavy 8" blade Kabar's Camp Knife is meant for serious work. From hacking down small trees and splitting fire wood to clearing vegetation from your camp site this knife does it all. I have had mine for a little over two years now and although I have not given it to much of a work out I have called upon it to perform a number of chores like removing a few saplings in my back yard and splitting a few logs for my fireplace and it has done it all while maintaining a razor sharp edge. This is a great knife at a very reasonable price, I got mine for about $60. Bad news though Kabar has discontinued this knife so the only place your going to find them is on Ebay, good luck.

12.75" long
8" Bolo blade
1095 Cro-Van steel
Hollow Ground
Rockwell Hardness 56-58
Kraton G Handle
Made in the U.S.A.

News for the day

Here we go again more news from the wacky to the insanely scary:

The slave trade is alive and well in Florida

Plot to kill the pope

Forced 2 week holiday for federal employees

$2 million per job, wow that government of ours sure knows how to spend our money

Hurricane Igor track

Afghans voting for parliament these people face deadly violence just to cast their vote, remember that when you head to the poles

Foreclosures up again

Now they say it may have been 2 tornadoes in NY

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Get Home Bag Contents

Howdy everyone, I did a short video yesterday about what is in my GHB. I work in the field just about everyday so if there is ever an emergency where need to get home and I have to hoof it there this is the items I have chosen that will hopefully help. I planned everything out to cover a 24 hour period so this is not my Bug Out Bag which is set up for prolonged emergency, this is just what I think I might need to make it through a long hike home.

I planned the bag to cover the five basic needs of: shelter, food, water, fire and security. I also planned this with the idea of supplementing my EDC which I will cover in another article.

So basic list:
Shelter- 1 military poncho, 1 military pup-tent shelter half (minus the stakes and poles)
Food- 1 bag o' bagle bites, 1 bag o' jerky, 1 can o' diced peaches (I'm still working on what to carry food wise)
Water- 1 military canteen and cup, 1 camelback 1 liter bottle (I have a water bladder but I find it uncomfortable in my bag)
Fire- 1 Bic lighter, 1 firesteel (I am not going to rub to sticks together)
Security- I tried to keep everything OD green to as to be able to hide out if I have to, I also carry a .45 but I figure the best way to stay out of trouble is to stay away from trouble.
Misc. Items- chapstick, bug spray, sunblock, gloves, first aid kit, garbage bag, ziplock bags, batteries, monocular, pocket knife, radio, GPS and a boonie hat.

Let me know what you guys think.

News of the day

Here we go another day of lovely doom and gloom and maybe a bunny or two:

Your cell phone can now be used to spy on you

Don't call it global warming now we need to say "Global climate disruption" you know just in case the climate actually does something we can't predict now our bases will be covered.

The IMF is concerned about social unrest do to the world wide economic down turn

Who knew Whooping cough is deadly?

Ever here the one about Zimbabwe, we may face the same thing Hyperinflation in America

Looking to start a new business well it looks like No one wants to start a new bank
Today's hurricane Igor watch

First we got Jersey Shore and now we get Man beats woman with cat

Chicago is short on cops so the cops are protesting

Tornado in New York

Ever wanted to know the 10 worst places to live

Oh by the way no bunnies I lied.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gear Review: Maxpedition Malaga

The Maxpedition Malaga is part of Maxpeditions "Gearslinger" line of bags, it is a medium sized single shoulder sling pack geared towards the "tactical" crowd. I use mine as my everyday carry bag and my get home bag (check out my video on with the bag in use).

Product Features
  • Main compartment: 13" x 9.5" x 4" slightly tapered towards the top, front and back divider, internal loop field for CCW, inner organizer pocket, YKK#10 zipper closure, drainage grommet
  • Front upper pocket: 9" x 4" x 1" with divider and elastic organizer loops
  • Front lower pocket: 9” x 9” x 1.5” with divider, elastic organizer loops, key retention
  • Front slip pocket: 8" x 8", YKK zipper closure
  • Rear pocket: 11" x 9" with internal loop field for CCW, button closure
  • Modular webbing: 3 rows x 5 channels in front, 6 rows x 2 channels on both sides, 2 sets on shoulder strap.
  • Belt loop: Hook-and-loop flap style, non-slip texture, accommodates up to 2.5" wide belt
  • Shoulder strap: Ambidextrous. Integral with 2" webbing and Duraflex Warrior side-release buckle, can be concealed in rear compartment
  • Cross strap: Ambidextrous. Adjustable in length. Made from 0.75” webbing with built-in survival whistle side release buckle
  • Handle: 1" webbing with cushion and Duraflex D-rings for optional shoulder strap
  • Approximate overall volume: 660 cu. in.
  • Hydration: Fits up to 50 oz. reservoir (not included)
  • Empty weight: 2 lb, 6 oz

I find this bag to be about the perfect size for everything I carry and it is well thought out for organizing your gear, I especially like how you can swing it from back to front to access everything with out taking it off. However I have found that loaded down it tends to become uncomfortable after about thirty minutes of carrying it, this is do to the single strap design. It does have an extra "stabilizer" strap but it tends to dig into your ribs when you tighten it up.

All and all I very pleased with the bag, I have been using it everyday for over a year for both school and work and I have not had a single problem with. And that is saying allot because I tend to be hard on my bags and this is actually the first one that has lasted this long.

Toughness = 10
Looks = 10 (if you like tacticool stuff)
Organisation = 9
Comfort = 5 (you really need an extra strap if you plan on carrying any kind of weight)
Value = 8 (it is expensive but worth it)
Over All = 8 This is a great bag that will last a very long time